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Get Help and Support here. Before you raise a support query, please go through the FAQ below. Chances are your query is already answered.

What is the duration of my membership?

Your membership is valid till 18th June 2018.

Can I attempt the tests multiple times?

Yes, there are no restrictions on how many times you can attempt a test.

Can I attempt a test which was added before I joined?

Yes, you can attempt all tests once they are added, including, tests that were added before you joined.

Can I download the tests?

Sorry, but the tests are NOT downloadable although you can download the current affairs bits.


Note: If you want to report any issue or error in test, please mention the test name (for example History Test 1) and copy-paste the question here since questions are randomized so by merely mentioning question no will not help.

You will receive a reply within 48 hours on week days. No reply is made on weekends.