Indian Polity Test 1 - Free Mock Tests for IAS Prelims and other UPSC Exams

Indian Polity Test 1

Attempt mock test on Indian Polity on UPSC pattern. 25 questions with time limit, negative marking, grading and explanation for each answer.

This test contains 25 questions on Indian Polity.

Syllabus of the test:  Making of Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles, Fundamental Duties,

Amendments, Parliamentary and Federal System, President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Parliament.

Time limit is 45 minutes.

Each correct answer carries 2.0 marks and incorrect answer carries -0.66 marks.

Total marks are 50. Questions can be skipped.


This test must be completed in 45.0 minutes. Click here to start the test

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Sai - 29th October 2018

Thank you

deepika - 16th November 2018

good quiz

Amit yadav - 22nd November 2018

I interest this quiz

siddhant - 23rd January 2019

answer of q no-24 is not correct.It should be 1 and 3.Article 32 specifically mentioned Prohibition.

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