Complete Features of Our Mock Tests for IAS Prelims - Best Online Test Series for IAS Prelims

Complete Features of Our Mock Tests for IAS Prelims

By Vimlaksh | Mock Tests

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This posts the detailed and complete features of our Mock Tests for IAS Prelims exam so you can make an informed choice.

Mock Tests for IAS Prelims Paper 1 and 2

We offer 35 mock tests for Paper 1 (GS) and Paper 2 (CSAT) of which 30 tests are based on GS and 5 tests are CSAT based. There are 25 topic-wise tests on Paper 1 and 5 full-length tests each on Paper 1 and Paper 2 (CSAT).

Clearly Defined Syllabus and Schedule

Our mock tests for prelims are based on a clearly defined syllabus and schedule that you can download from here. The books from which the questions will be asked are also provided so you can prepare accordingly.

Test Your Factual and Conceptual Knowledge

The Prelims paper consists of questions that are factual as well as conceptual. Our mock test series is designed with this awareness. There are factual as well as conceptual or analytical questions. Moreover a single question contains multiple options that test your factual and analytical understanding.

Variable Difficulty Levels

We also understand that UPSC Prelims paper is not a linear paper where only easy or difficult questions are asked. Rather it is a combination of easy, moderate and difficult questions. Our mock tests for IAS prelims follows the same pattern and you will encounter questions with varying difficulty levels to equip you to tackle all types of questions in the actual prelims.

Free Current Affairs Updates

We provide free weekly current affairs updates in PDF format that you can download and read on your PC or mobile. Each week's update is of 20-35 pages and is focussed on IAS prelims. Our current affairs tests are based on these updates.

All India Ranking with Leaderboard

We provide leaderboard that lists the top performers in each category of tests like topic-wise tests, paper 1 full length tests and paper 2 full length tests (CSAT). You can use this as indicator of how well you performed as compared to the competition.

Performance Feedback on Every Test Attempt

You receive a performance feedback report after every test in the user dashboard as well as by email. This report lists various parameters like your score, number of correct answers, average score in the test, your performance grade, time taken to complete the tests, etc.

Detailed Test Analysis Reports

We provide one of the most detailed analysis reports to the user within his/her dashboard. These reports include test attempts by category (current affairs, history, polity etc.) in a neat pie chart. You can also see your average percent of correct answers for each question category. For instance, 55% in Polity tests, 60% in Economy tests etc. The complete test history of all your tests is available and you can review your attempt any time you wish. You can also see the time taken to complete each test; this way you can improve your speed in attempting the tests.

Unlimited Attempts of Mock Tests

You can attempt each test unlimited number of times and you can also attempt tests that were added before your registration.

Attempt Mock Tests from Your Mobile

Our entire website is mobile friendly. This means you can easily login to the site and attempt tests from your mobile or tablet. You can also easily download and read the current affairs updates on your mobile.

Demo Mock Tests for IAS Prelims Available

We also provide free demo tests that you can attempt right now before registering for the complete mock test series.

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Don't delay your success in the IAS prelims. Only preparing for the prelims without attempting adequate mock tests is like shooting in the dark. Mock tests help you to evaluate your current level of preparation, identify your strong and weak areas and also provide probable questions for the coming Prelims. So Register Now for our Test Series


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