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How to Compare the Price of Different Test Series

By Vimlaksh | Mock Tests

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In case you're confused about which test series to join for IAS prelims, this post provides a guide on how to evaluate a test series and compare different test series so you get the best value for your investment.

Number of Questions in the Mock Tests

The first evaluation criteria is the number of questions in the mock tests or test series course. There is no standard example here. Some test series offer 1500 questions at the minimum while some offer more than 3500 questions on the higher end. You have to decide how many tests or questions you want to attempt to feel confident about clearing the Prelims.

IAS Kracker's Test Series 2018 offers 2300 questions in 35 mock tests.

Price of the Test Series

Next evaluation criteria is the price of the test series. Again there are no standard pricing levels here. The test series vary from less than Rs 1,000 to more than Rs 10,000. However, it is safe to say that the test series on offer for Rs 600- Rs 999 are usually not up to the mark since the questions are not of UPSC level and also they do not contain detailed explanation for each question.

IAS Kracker's Mock Tests are priced at a very reasonable price of Rs 1990 only.

What is the Cost per Question of the Mock Tests

Now that we know the price of the test series and the number of questions, we should calculate the cost per question (CPQ) of the test series.

This CPQ ratio is the most authentic method to evaluate the price of a test series in absence of any standard number of questions/mock tests and wide variation in the prices of the mock tests.

CPQ ratio clearly shows the cost of every question you attempt in the test series. For your reference I have compared the Cost per Question (CPQ) of some the popular test series in the table below.

Sr. No Test Series Number of Questions Price (Cost) Cost per Question (CPQ)
1. IAS Kracker 2300 1790  Rs 0.78
 2. ClearIAS 4000 4999 Rs 1.25
 3. InsightsIAS  3700 7500 Rs 2.02
 4.  Chanakya IAS 4000 10000 Rs 2.5

Note: Other test series are yet to be launched for 2018. Once they are launched, I will list them here.

So you can see from the above table that IAS Kracker offers the lowest price per question among all the online test series available currently.

What to Expect from a Test Series

Now that you know the evaluation criteria of a test series for IAS or other exams, you should know what can you expect from joining any good test series to test your Prelims preparation.

I have already detailed the features of a good online or offline test series. Go through the post to know what IAS Kracker or other good test series can offer you so you get the maximum benefit of attempting mock tests for Prelims.

Still Undecided? Attempt Demo Tests to See for Yourself

If even after knowing the CPQ of a test series and its various features, you are yet to make up your mind on joining a test series, then I suggest you should attempt some demo tests in case the test series offers any demo tests.

IAS Kracker offers full-featured demo tests where you can check your performance and get feedback on your attempt apart from evaluating your performance against the competition. So go right ahead and register on the site to attempt the demo tests.

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